Scrap Open Source

The application for accounting of sale and purchase, transportation, processing of ferrous scrap with the preparation of relevant documents and reports.

Major functions:

  • Multiple Document Interface, which allows the simultaneous work with multiple documents, reference books, etc.;
  • Keeping of reference books:
    • «Nomenclature»;
    • «Bases»;
    • «Counterparts»;
    • «Responsible persons»;
    • «Drivers»;
    • «Motor transport»;
  • Viewing the documents log displaying the number, date, document type, vendor, customer, etc.;
  • Creating and editing of documents:
    • «Transportation»;
    • «Processing»;
    • «Residue adjustment»;
  • Formation and printing of reports:
    • «Remains on the base»
    • «Turnover for the period»
    • «Transportations»
  • Editing report forms;
  • Authorization and registration of users;
  • Storing all data in the DBMS Microsoft SQL Server.

Used technologies:

  • .NET 4.0, C#, WPF+MVVM;
  • MVVM Light, Extended WPF Toolkit;
  • AutoMapper;
  • Entity Framework;
  • Stimulsoft Reports;
  • MS SQL Server.

Source code on Bitbucket